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Mountain Edge Escape Cabins was established in 2008 by David Woodland and his brother. David farmed one of the 2 remaining dairy farms in the region. He is a descendant from a Eungella pioneering family.

Having grown up in the Eungella district, David has a wide knowledge of the flora and fauna that are endemic to the area. His understanding and passion of this remarkable landscape and wildlife is what inspired his move into the tourist industry.

In late 2022 Mountain Edge underwent new management and is now in the capable hands of Fiona Bosly.

Fiona has specialized in Mental Health work for many decades in the Brisbane region, she has travelled extensively and understands the need for peace and tranquility in our busy lives. After retiring at the end of 2021, she seized the opportunity for this tree change.

The Mountain Edge team is now comprised of Fiona, David and his wife Megan.

The aims of Mountain Edge is to offer affordable and comfortable holiday accommodation set in a unique and breathtaking location. In addition to promoting tourism in the district, we take pride in accommodating our Guest’s needs and further introducing them to Eungella’s beautiful National Park and surrounds.

We look forward to welcoming you to our relaxed boutique accommodation with its spectacular views of the Pioneer Valley and the hidden gems found in the Eungella National Park.


Can be seen from the viewing platform, and other observation areas at Broken River, Eungella National Park. Located 5 km from cabins (travel by sealed road). Best viewing times are the hour before dusk,and after dawn.

With over 20 km of self guided rainforest walking trails, Eungella National Park is the ideal destination for the hiking enthusiast! Obtain a map from the information centre at Broken River, Eungella. Alternatively, download a visitor guide from our web site (refer to Eungella Walks).

With over 227 recorded bird species, including the Eungella Honey Eater (endemic to Eungella), Eungella National Park is the ultimate haven for bird lovers! Scroll through our website to read more about bird sightings, or to download a bird list.

Enjoy a relaxing day at Eungella Dam. Swimming, fishing, water skiiing, camping and boating are popular relaxing pastimes. BYO marine craft and fishing tackle!  Eungella Dam is situated approximately 30km from cabins (travel by partially sealed and unsealed road).Fishing permit required prior to arrival. Fishing permits can be purchased from most boat and tackle stores in Mackay, Melba House, or online Click Here . Eungella Dam is the customary venue for the annual World Sooty Grunter fishing championships.

Breathtaking views can be observed, not only from our establishment, but also from Goodes Lookout, Peases Lookout and Sky window Lookouts.

Located in the beautiful Pioneer Valley a visit to Finch Hatton Gorge is recommended! At the end of Finch Hatton Gorge car park follow the walking trail to reach Araluen Falls/Cascades (2.8 km return walk- up hill sections) and Wheel of Fire Falls (4.2km return walk- a moderate walk with uphill sections and 300 steps). NOTE: To reach Wheel of Fire Falls walking trail you have to cross a river. This trail also comprises of 300 steps- so assess your fitness before commencing! High and fast flowing water restricts access after moderate to heavy rainfall! Please read National Parks safety guide and Park alerts before venturing off on any walks (refer to links on our web site).

Picnic gazebo areas are located at Goodes Lookout, North Street Park, Sky Window, Broken River and Eungella Dam. Gas barbecues are located in the vicinity of Goodes lookout, Sky window and also at Broken River. Note: Wood fired barbecues at Eungella Dam.

Enjoy an interesting eco-tourism adventure, which allows you to view the rainforest from aunque angle. Using the flying fox, an overhead cable and pulley system, up to 25 metres above the ground, you will be traveling 350 metres through the rainforest canopy. Bookings essential- weather permitting. Situated at Finch Hatton Gorge, approximately 30 km from Eungella. For reservations or further enquiries please contact Forest flying direct on Phone (07) 583 359, or click on link Forest Flying.

Rainforest Scuba offers you the chance of a lifetime to dive in crystal clear fresh water with turtles, fish, gordian worms, eels, and if you are one of the lucky ones, a Platypus! Experienced and non-experienced divers welcome. Located approximately 30km from Eungella. For reservations and enquiries please contact Rainforest Scuba direct on Phone 043 44 55 040, visit their facebook page, or click link Rainforest Scuba

Horse riding tours, horsemanship demonstration, and/or private lessons available!  Do you have a love of horses, but have never been given the opportunity to interact with these majestic animals? Mandy, at Cloudy Mountain Ranch, has something special for you! Mandy has put together a few horse experience packages for your enjoyment, all set in the rolling hills of Eungella! For bookings, enquiries and prices, head over to Mandy’s website http://www.mandyprobyn-equineconnection.com/for-the-love-of-horses/ , or contact Mandy’s office on (07) 49 584 724 or mobile 0416 125 405. Bookings by appointment only!

The museum contains displays on the early pioneers, their histories and their lifestyles. You can also see information and displays on the industries that, over 150 years, have contributed to the development and wealth of the area. Located in the reading nook within the museum is an extensive photographic collection and various publications relating to both local and family history.Situated in Victoria Street Mirani, Queensland 4754. Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from  9.30 am – 2.30 pm. Phone direct on (07) 49 619 229.

The information Centre can assist you with information and local knowledge of the region.They showcase, and sell, local arts and crafts, souvenirs and local produce, such as chutneys, jams etc. Situated at Broken River, Eungella National Park. For further details visit their website http://www.brokenriverkiosk.com.au


Eungella National Park is Australia’s largest continuest stretch of sub-tropical rainforest and home to the duck billed Platypus, Eungella Honeyeater and a diverse range of flora and fauna. Several species of wildlife and plants are endemic to the region and can only be found here! Enjoy the great outdoors and experience this beautiful part of the world!
For walking track information please refer to Eungella National Park visitor guide. Ensure to read safety tips before venturing off on any walks. http://www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/pdf/mackay-highlands-vg.pdf
For the latest updates on park closures, conditions and access please click on the link http://www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/park-alerts/index.php?listby=park


Platypus are a unique semi-aquatic egg laying mammal, endemic to Australia. Eungella National Park is a popular local attraction & considered to be one of the best places to observe Platypus in the wild.

Platypus can be observed in their natural environment from the viewing areas at Broken River, Eungella National Park. Situated just 5 km from Eungella Mountain Edge Escape (travel by sealed road).

Best times are generally the hour before dusk and after dawn. However, Platypus sightings are much more frequent during the breeding season.

The Platypus mating season generally occurs around August.

Click here for more information on Platypus habitat, breeding and behaviour.


With over 227 recorded bird species, Eungella National Park, Queensland, is the ultimate haven for bird lovers! Twitchers and birders will be captivated in their surroundings and discover a variety of bird species including the Regent Bowerbird, Azure Kingfisher, Wompoo pigeon, Noisy pitta and of course, the Eungella Honeyeater (endemic to Eungella).
The Eungella Honeyeater (Lichenostomus hindwoodi) is listed as a near-threatened species. The breeding season occurs from October to December in the rainforests of Eungella National Park. Their diet consists of nectar and insects.
The Eungella Honeyeater was one of the last new species of birds discovered in Australia in the early 1980’s. For updated observations and sightings, please refer to our web site.
For additional information on protecting the Eungella Honeyeater, please visit http://www.mackayconservationgroup.org.au/save_the_eungella_honeyeater


  • Emu
  • Orange-footed Scrubfowl
  • Australian Brush-turkey
  • Brown Quail
  • King Quail

— More —

  • Grey Goshawk
  • White Goshawk
  • Red Goshawk
  • White-bellied Sea-eagle
  • Wedge tailed Eagle

— More —

  • Galah
  • Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
  • Rainbow Lorikeet
  • Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
  • Little Lorikeet

— More —


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Take it easy from the comfort of your cabin, or venture out and enjoy the natural beauty of Eungella National Park and beyond

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